“…unusual and unusually entertaining… a beautiful, powerful, emotive voice…. Benton finds the drama. Classic rock/pop tunes sound just fine with a legit voice to interpret them.”  Paul Freeman, Pop Culture Classics. Read the full review here: Paul Freeman Pop Culture Classics

…a truly lovely interpretation of Simon & Garfunkel’s America …pairing the opening number from Hair, Aquarius, alongside San Francisco, a huge hit during the Summer of Love… acquires a real poignancy when sung by a performer remembering his youth. Another highlight is the stripped-back version of The Kinks’ Waterloo Sunset, which is stunning in its simplicity – Benton’s storytelling here is just right. Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are a Changin’.. is a genuinely rousing, almost powerful interpretation of a classic work.
Views from the Gods Full review here

Poster glow“A natural born grown-up that knows how to make grown up music, this is a set adorned by simplicity that can even deliver the goods when Benton kicks it out on “Laughter in the Rain”. All this needs is some candlelight and the best Napa has to offer for a pretty complete evening.”
Chris Spector, MidWest Record 11/07/14. MidwestTunes

“Imagine an opera/Broadway singer with a huge heart who dug the mellifluous side of rock and roll … a highly disciplined exercise in setting formality to an oeuvre so that its hidden side emerges…  in this highly impressive set …Benton nailed it.”
Mark S. Tucker, writing for UK-based Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange Full review here

“Benton makes all of these songs, no matter how iconic, sound like intimate, personal statements.”
Alex Ramon, Boycotting Trends blog

“There’s a real geniality about the set as a whole, primarily from Benton’s voice and cheery stage demeanour, which includes some gentle patter.”
View From The Gods

“Mr Benton sings beautifully.”
Mark Ritchie, UK Cabaret magazine, February 2018.

Audience comments

“Your voice is wonderful and music so uplifting – really heartwarming.”

“The technique is lovely. But best is the emotions and meaning you bring to the music.”

“Tim, you are wonderful, romantic.”

“So nice to really hear the lyrics.”

“I’ve enjoyed the way you have made each song your own with the style subtly but distinctly changing in each song. Also, after many years of hearing those songs and humming along to the radio, it’s lovely to hear the words, so clearly articulated, and helped me to appreciate the meanings the writers were trying to communicate.”

“Loved it. To hear Tim Benton sing is a real bonus.”

“A lovely, gentle, contemplative evening of music.”