I seek out quality popular music and re-interpret it. Like a furniture restorer, I strip away the original arrangements to find the heart of the music and lyric. 

My musical instincts drive me to the tuneful and melodic. My appreciation for lyrics leads me to songs that reveal characters, paint pictures or tell stories – heartfelt or humorous.

As well as striving to offer enjoyable evenings or afternoons of music and chat, I’m currently on a mission: to bust the myth that Great Songwriting died with George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Hoagy Carmichael.  Those guys (and they were mostly guys) certainly elevated the art of popular song – but there are many more contemporary songwriters who have taken up the torch… Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Randy Newman, the much lamented Leonard Cohen, and Jimmy Webb!

That’s led me to create two shows: ‘Waterloo Sunset’ …. and ‘Searching for Susie: the songs of Jimmy Webb’.

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