The collaboration

The collaboration

Introducing – Simon Wallace

Simon Wallace, composer, arranger, pianist

Simon Wallace, composer, arranger, pianist

Producer, arranger, composer and pianist on the CD is Simon Wallace.

Simon has worked with some of the UK’s most respected names in music, theatre and television. Together with Simon Brint he composed music for top TV series including Absolutely Fabulous, The Clive James ShowThe Ben Elton Show and many more. He toured internationally with the Lindsay Kemp company, and was musical director for the West End production of Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens.

With beat generation poet and lyricist Fran Landesman, Simon has written songs recorded by leading artists on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1986, he was commissioned to compose a symphony for the former King of Thailand’s 60th birthday: a further commission came in 2006 for the King’s 60th jubilee, Simon has also acted as musical director, arranger, producer or accompanist (and frequently in all four roles) for Clare Teal, Ian Shaw, Sarah Moule, Pete Atkin, Gill Manly and Barb Jungr.

How we got together

LandscapeScrnGrb copy_optMy collaboration with Simon came about quite by chance.

I was preparing a ‘demo disc’ of music theatre songs purely for promotional use and was keen to find a studio with a real piano, not just the electric keyboard most places tried to fob me off with.

Through contacts of contacts I eventually found a ‘real piano’ studio and almost had it booked. But the owner was getting out of the business and decided at the last minute to refer me on to Simon’s set-up which includes a lovely big Steinway.

In casual conversation with Simon I mentioned I’d been considering a 60’s or 70’s-themed programme for some time. And Simon said “Why not?”. It was as simple, and lucky, as that.

Conferring happy 1MB

(As I was to find, “why?” is Simon’s favourite word. “Why did you choose this? Why are you singing it this way? Why is the character saying this?”. All very pertinent questions!)