Audience reaction

Audience reaction

Comments received from recent performances

Well done for last night, you were a triumph!  So lovely to hear those old songs, and your intros were just right: informative, interesting and personal. Your enjoyment of them was such a joy to see, A wonderful set, you must do more! Olivia, audience member The Pheasantry, 08 August 2017

Great choice of songs, and you brought something new to every one of them. Tom, audience member The Pheasantry, 08 August 2017

“Your voice is wonderful and the music so uplifting – really heartwarming.”

“The technique is lovely. But best is the emotions and meaning you bring to the music.”

“Tim, you are wonderful, romantic.”

“So nice to really hear the lyrics.”

“I’ve enjoyed the way you have made each song your own with the style subtly but distinctly changing in each song. Also, after many years of hearing those songs and humming along to the radio, it’s lovely to hear the words, so clearly articulated, and helped me to appreciate the meanings the writers were trying to communicate.”

“Loved it. To hear Tim Benton sing is a real bonus.”

“A lovely, gentle, contemplative evening of music.”