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Scenes from a Well-Spent Youth

Video samples

KeyImageCrop copy_opt-2The Songs of 1965-75 video trailer
A selection of songs from the set, recorded in Simon Wallace’s Under Hill Studios.

Audio samples

CD-1.1Samples from my debut CD – available now on iTunes, Amazon and at CDBaby (all where you can hear samples of the rest of the 17 tracks). Samples from other projects are further down the page.

Scenes from a Well-Spent Youth explores the songs of 1965-75, a very fertile time for popular music.

Please be patient, these are quite big files and some take a moment or two to download….


Times They are a-Changing sample


Goin’ Back sample


My Eyes Adored You sample


Laughter In The Rain sample


Bus Stop sample


Chelsea Morning sample


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Other stuff

San Francisco (I Left My Heart)

Recorded live for TV – Good Morning New Zealand – slightly historical now

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Les Miserables, My Fair Lady

Mostly I sing, but every now and then a show comes along where my singing and an acting character come together.

Les Mis epilogue, Why can’t a Woman sample